CTFE is a homopolymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene. Features of CTFE include

high compressive strength and low deformation under load. In particular, its cold-flow characteristic is lower than other fluoropolymers and it does not deform under load at room temperature.

CTFE has extremely low gas permeability and essentially does not absorb moisture.

CTFE is known by the trade name of Kel-F 81. This was produced by 3M but has been discontinued since December 1995. Currently, CTFE resin is produced by Daikin under the trade name Neoflon.

Plastic Profiles product line includes CTFE rod, size 1/8” diameter to 6” diameter and sheet thickness from .005” to 7/8” Standard sheet size is 12” X 12”.



FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.1380

Properties of Daikin CTFE